Your dream candidate is just around the corner.

We at Orange Antelopes understand that finding the best candidate is your top priority. Our comprehensive suite of Talent Recruitment Services will help fulfill all your needs 


Managed Recruitment Services

You need a customized solution to your needs that gives you the right blend of onsite, offsite and offshore resources to identify talent you need and when you need talent.

Orange Antelopes understands that finding the best candidate is your top priority. Our project team structure ensures that we make that our top priority and closely partner with you to find top talent quickly – a priority during the entire hiring and recruiting process.


Our offering is designed to support your hiring volumes, and can be adjusted as needed. With Orange Antelopes Managed Recruitment Solutions, you can:


  • Increase hiring speed and Improve quality of candidate

  • Reduce hiring/recruitment costs and agency fees

  • High level of ownership and partnership

  • Customized recruitment process

  • High level of Candidate Experience & Engagement

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Sourcing Solutions

Orange Antelopes Sourcing methodology leverages latest technology, sourcing techniques and innovative sourcing models to deliver you a higher quality candidate in volume and niche hiring scenarios.


We do this by exploring unique sourcing channels to identify active, passive and hidden talent pools. With our ability to analyze data and offer real-time solutions, we can build out-of-the-box strategies to help you attract, connect with and recruit higher quality candidates. 


All through this process we stay closely engaged with your team to define opportunities, strategies and tactics to create alternative sourcing methods.We assess you requirement and do an analysis of talent in your targeted geography, skill and industry segment and then create unique sourcing strategies that fit your needs.

Market Intelligence

We provide Market Intel to organizations for Talent availability with respect to talent pools, skills, location, costs and recruiting benchmarks, recruiting best practices, Talent Maps etc. 


Our constant endeavor is to help you improve and optimize their recruiting processes and engine.  We conduct Talent Acquisition Diagnostics, process improvements, optimization of  Cost Per Hire, through-put in selection, leveraging source mix and channel performance , enhancing candidate experience and engagement etc. 


We help you make sense and help you identify trends and correlate data to key recruitment aspects. We help you generate and manage data from your existing recruiting system.

University Relations

Our focus here is to help build campus relationships with schools, colleges and Universities.


Our aim is to help organizations reach out to campuses and build relationships in terms of events, conducting tutorials, sponsoring projects, labs influencing course curriculum, and building Talent academies for present and future hiring needs.


We help organizations brand and engage with fresher’s and create a database for future requirements.​​

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